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types of fangirls

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types of fangirls

Hello Internet! First, the Casual fan They are the one who just listen to any Kpop music and buy CDs. She has countless folders of photos saved on her computer, the complete filmography of the actor, the complete discography of the singer (including any album they feature on) and will constantly defend her ‘babies’ to anyone who says a bad word against them. XD SOMEHOW IT'S JUST REALLY EXCITING AND EASY TO SCREAM IN ALL CAPS WITH AFJDLKSAFD IN BETWEEN. Now they are as obsessed as I am. Ahem. 3 types of fangirls Type 1: New/Dumb Fan girls. XD. These are the seven types of fangirls I have come across, and I am really interested to hear your thoughts. The said types are the Normal Fans, Callow Fans and Crazy Sasaeng Fans. Which is true, for many of my bookish fandoms. No. I'm sooo a mix of Offended Defender and Banshee. You know how the idea began, you know what happened on set, you’ve seen like every interview of ever. I’m a part-timer, but I’ve got a bit of that closet nerd thing going on too. WELL, BLAME PLAYBUZZ FOR ITS INACCURACY. BTW, I think you did a great job of categorizing us fangirls! I’ve always loved your top ten lists,and this is awesome! I don’t dump my fangirliness on the internet usually–I ramble to friends and family, especially those that have read that certain book or watched that certain movie. I’m gonna check that out next. I totally respect that, it’s so true. NEVER DISTURB A CUTE SLEEPING ANIMAL THAT IS FOR SURE. Some fangirls may be a combination of any of these, but one thing is for sure: they really are very passionate. I have a different outlook on all my fandoms. There are a few different types of fangirls you will come across in your lifetime. AHHHH!! I love dragging poor unsuspecting happy souls into my fandoms and then watching them spiral to darkness. It’s mostly true! A fangirl is a girl who loves a certain TV show, character, singer, actor, movie etc, but who often goes above and beyond what people would think was ‘normal’ behaviour. YES IT DOES. Don’t make me laugh. And that’s what I got on the quiz, too, so I guess your quiz works! So I guess I’m sort of a mini Encyclopedia of Weirdness, too… but for a really random collection of shows. Heh. HAAA. I geek out all. And haha…I can totally see you as the Fandom Collector. Okay, I'm not too bad IRL (I'm actually rather quiet) but online I definitely go Banshee. I’m in too many fandoms whether it’s books, movies, music or anything! You know everything. love this! Playing next. GOOD POINT. I also think it depends on who I’m around. the. They can hear you shouting at your OTP from across the universe. -_- My bad!! Although you know a lot about Supernatural for not having seen it. And yaaaaay that you liked the post! R x, YAAAAAY FOR BEING AN ULTIMATE FANGIRL. Read More…, Copyright © 2020  Paper Fury  ·|·  C.G. If I like it, I will rewatch it….. a lot. Yep read below for more..... Directioner- Usually insane. >_< I feel like I'm a mixture of a Banshee and a Fandom Collector though. I am totally the Banshee (if you follow me on twitter, you know exactly what I mean!). All Answers May Vary And Results Were Made For True Fangirls! Although I got banshee . GIF USAGE WAS PERFECT. I’m not a strong member of many fandoms. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. You compose a lot of glorious posts, Cait, but this one right here… this may be the best one yet. YES, BEHOLD MY GENIUS!**. You just don’t want to be…weird. xD hehe. Haha!! And the quiz accurately labeled me as the “Walking Encyclopedia”. I’ve convinced friends and family to read the Outlander series. 20th Apr 2015 by C.G. BUT. I’m not a very vocal fangirl, but I am really obsessed with a lot of things. Now the most creative thing I do is take pictures of books and cry over them. You also know about their family life (what?! I just love it when bloggers use gif to bring their points across. Though the Recruiter would work for me as well, because I tend to force *cough* blackmail people into things…ehehehehe. And when your friends do sneak over to your dark side, you are there every step of the way. Such fun. I am for certain things, but other times, it’s like, whatever, do what you want, I don’t care if you’re stupid. The Abuser fangirl is a very specific type. THEY DO NOT. (Sounds like me tbh) he he he *manic giggling* I LOVE IT!!!! You never did tell us…, *fangirl, oops I got too distracted by all the fan references. I love the quiz! And only over specific shows we have in common. THANKS FOR MAKING THE AWESOME QUIZ CAIT!!! The Abuser fangirl is a very specific type. I seriously never reread and it bugs me so much because I want to remember the delicious details!! What? For the unaware, they are a group who obsesses over a fictional character or actor. No suprprise there! Two types of Fangirls | mlp base. I got the Subtle Stalker – sounds about right actually. Quiz fail. hehe. Like, do you secretly watch my every move or something? I've tried to write a fanfics once or twice before realizing that writing story is just not in me (I'm more into writing opinions, like book review). You get so so excited. I’m definitely a Recruiter because I like to convert people, THAT’S WHY. Also, I’m kind of shy about it… and most other things…, Fandom collecting is fuuuuun. BUT I THINK I’M A SOLID MIX OF ALL OF THEM. XD (Don't ask how. Continuity error he made. I’m the person who’s like, “THIS show looks goood— ooooooooooh THIS ONE DOES TOO. I draw fanart and write fanfiction and do edits all the time! *commences regal hair toss*Ahh, yes, it's always interesting when we create little monsters. I love the gifs. You blog about your favourite fandom a LOT. The Hardliner . Fan art is very popular, and can be extremely amazing. 1.- Stans: the term "stan," which is commonly used in the kpop fandom is actually in reference to Eminem's popular song "Stan," which was about an extremely obsessive fan of his that was so blinded by admiration that he killed himself and his family after having not received a reply from his idol. Let’s see. Over the years I have converted many people, mostly my best friend. xD, OH LORD I NEEDED THIS POST IN MY LIFE <3 I'm apparently a walking encyclopedia of weirdness and I'M SO HAPPEH BECAUSE THAT'S ME XD *flails*. I got the Encyclopedia which is THE MOST ACCURATE THING EVER. I AM SO PLEASED. Also, this was an AMAZING post. Definitely sounds like me. I got The Part-Time Nerd when I took the quiz, which is probably about right. I think is the most funiest fangirl is THE SUBTLE STALKER. @ Paper Fury 218 Comments. I rarely (if ever) re-read a book… but I will watch my favourite TV shows and movies over and over and over again. Are You A Normal Fan,Or Go To A Different Extent? Really fun post! That’s just how I do! fandoms. You’re on your fifth reread of that adorable scene in your favourite book. THAT LITERALLY JUST MADE MY DAY. @ Paper Fury 218 Comments. I'm a Fandom Collector. time. 'Scuse me. I need a clone or the fountain of youth. BANSHEES ARE GREAT. Then I did it with LOTR. IS THIS SOME KIND OF A JOKE?!! xDShadowhunters are AMAZING. Fabulous post and amazing quiz Cait! I AM SO GLAD THE QUIZ WORKED. Those are all me. I got The Creative Crumpet. . Rereads are needed! :') Good times. I love the names you gave for each type of fangirl! I'm totally a banshee mixed with Defender. You’ll find many of this type of fangirl on Tumblr, and they often speak in expletives and yell about how their beloved character, person or group is ruining their lives. Good times. GIFS ARE LIFE. (Weird. I took the quiz and i got banshee, which is soooo true! The first time I took it I got The Creative Crumpet, but I don’t do a lot of fanfic stuff, so when I took it again, I got The Encyclopedia which was a little bit more me. XD, Part-time nerd. ONCE IS NEVER ENOUGH. I don’t really know. So there we have it! :') I'm so proud. OR HAVE YOU SEEN IT nOW?!! I got the creative crumpet!!!!! This is BRILLIANT! Before this it was Supernatural and the Maze Runner. I’m pretty much constantly on forums too . XD I so wiiiiish I reread more but the new and shiny CALL TO ME. Awwww, though. It is my weakness. Well I don’t see my self as creative crumpet but I think it’s such honor to be call that I've just notice that there are different types of fangirls. Some just call for extremeness and others for more laid back viewing. I am a bit of a gif collector. And of course, I scream about it all on my blog, FB and Twitter. of weirdness,because I also know the intricate details of my fandom.And the creative crumpet because fanfiction used to be my life!I don’t write anymore,but back when I was a preteen I wrote a lot. I’ve gotten TONS of people to read Throne of Glass. #notevensorry. I do believe I’m either a repeat offender or a closet nerd. I’d say I’m also on the verge with Encyclopedia of Weirdness. But which fandom are YOU? I love quizzes! Also I would have liked more answer options for the questions. Hehe, I don't really read fanfiction either. You basically spam your friends with gifs and quotes and soliloquies on heartbreaking character development. I actually think this is really accurate. ME TOO. Shout long and clear! Many other types of fangirls are jealous of the Artists, who often have DeviantArt accounts and create beautiful, detailed and breathtaking works of art representing different characters, people or concepts regarding that which they love. I’m a part-time fan. This was my last one since I've done writer, blogger, reader, and fangirl now. LOOOOOL. :'), Words cannot describe all the pieces I love this to. I made two of my friends, my sister, my cousin, my mom and I don't even know how many people watch Sherlock Same goes for books! Such a fun post, and a welcome break from my feed of book reviews. I really only fangirl with my coblogger. But mostly THE ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF WEIRDNESS. . I gotta convince you, I really do. I reread my favourites again and again… and rewatch my favourites a million times. This violent type of fan reaction is often called hooliganism. A new photo they hadn’t seen before today that makes their eyes look extra green? OF COURSE NOT ME. Apparently, I’m a part-time nerd. for accurate quizes. Oh my Cait, you are a genius! But ppllllzzzz make more quizzes because I love them whether they’re accurate for me or not XD, (I said this would be short and it’s longer than most of my comments XD and yes I typed all this with one hand. I’m a mix of several of them, actually. I’m particularly partial to jumping up and down and screaming about Harry Potter and Frozen, as these are two of my favourite things ever! I have many talents. xD, I am definitely an encyclopedia of weirdness, ai yi. *laughs evilly at your SPN pain*. 2. Never ever regret fangirling. Everyone misses sooo much the first time! XD. TIME SUCKS BECAUSE THERE'S NOT ENOUGH OF IT TO DO EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE. REREADING IS LIFE. . I have again made another quiz (it’s at the bottom) since the last one went over tolerably well. I am quite pleased with this! Honestly, I’m a combination of, like, half of the types up there. I AM ALWAYS PERFECT AND BLAMELESS. It's like reading “one” book. I can't really take it because I MADE it so I know what all the answers lead to. I find it difficult to answer questions like that because, for me, reading books and watching TV/movies are totally different. Like the one for “where do you spill your feels” I was totally looking for something like “a fellow fan-friend” or something. which type of fangirl are you? But Bella brings out the OMG EVERYTHING IS JUST SO AWESOMEa a;lsdfkjasdlkfjaslkfjasf” in me. <3, (I'm a second-hand fan of Supernatural! This was a lot of fun! (If it doesn’t show up below, you can find it here too. I NEED INSPIRATIONS.You win for typing one handed. Great post. I don’t know how, but somehow I am all of the types on this list. It's also hilarious to watch them spiral into the painful abyss that is that gorgeous show. I’ve made friends fall in love with my celebrity crushes by sending them pictures and gifs. In the quiz though I got Repeat Offender! WHY DID I GET PART-TIME NERD?!! You don’t care what happens in the show/book, you will defend your favourite characters till their your last breath. I love a tonne of books and TV shows, but I wouldn’t put myself in that many fandoms. She has more “favourites” than she can possibly list. I tend to be a bit of ALL of them at one point or another. Oh yes this post was so due! Part-Time Nerd? hehe. I have frequently had conversations with people that purely consisted of going ‘Oh, do you remember that scene in Firefly when …’ and ‘remember that time in Community when..’. (Also, if I had taken this quiz 10 years earlier when I was at the height of my LotR obsession, the quiz might have gone differently…I’ve become subdued in my old age.). *tosses confetti on self* Oh wait. I seriously had a dream where I met Dean/Jensen and said I was a big fan and he asked how many seasons I'd seen and I said I hadn't seen any full episodes but explained to him about this second-hand fandom thing: I love all the stuff on pinterest and get most of the jokes and Mirriam uses Dean's face for her AWESOME character Skata [I still think "Skata" when I see his face…] so I love Dean to bits. On your quizzes, I always get exactly the one I think I am! Types of fangirls. But if I didn’t take the quiz, I probably consider myself as The Closet Nerd. THING your favourite actor stars in. Community. People always tell me I'm crazy BUT I GUSH ANYWAY. . I’d rather but torn between two answers than not relate to any of them. It's one of those shows that gets referenced sooo much and I sit there going, “Gosh, gotta try that eventually.”. MY QUIZ KNOWS YOU. The fangirls', often stereotyped as female, so-called 'hysteria' is described as the product of sexual repression. I got the creative crumpet, but I think I am more like ALL of them. I like to know things about the authors and watch their other work (although I don’t need to know what their favourite vegetable is). I am a fandom collector. Here are seven different types of fangirls you might encounter. Lots of fan blogs are very popular, and blogging gives a platform for fans to connect with each other. I'm totally obsessed with Supernatural at the moment since it's airing, buuut, in a few weeks I'll be calmer about it. I haven't really done any posts for this topic yet (unless you count the monthly book reviews) so I thought I should start. | ft. Danisnotonfire (kind of) Report. You’re happy to watch an episode in your spare-time, or catch up on a series when all the books are out. I RELATE TO ALMOST ALL OF THEM. Also I think I’m a bit of an intellectual because I usually care for the political message of the books (like against racism in Harry Potter and all the different nasty things TV shows do to people just to entertain other people in the Hunger Games) and know how every detail is meant to underline that message…, That's really cool, though! MWAH AH AH HAHAHAAAAA HA. I got the Encyclopedia, but I’ve really been numbers 2-10(that’s a lot of fangirling!) The Obsessor is the most recognisable fangirl. Definitely 1, 2, and 4, and even sometimes 5. HAHA. My favourites list is huge xD But I switch my focus on fandoms a lot, so maybe I ma a bit part-time? You’ll find many of this type of fangirl on Tumblr, and they often speak in expletives and yell about how their beloved character, person or group is ruining their lives. NOT ME. Perhaps a different type? I am definitely a part-time fan. Sans Fangirl Buttontale Sans #ShareIG Different Types Of #Fangirls ••• Which Type Of Different Types Of Fangirls And Fanboys. Oh and Fandom Collector. But according to your quiz, I am the Creative Crumpet. I rewatched ALL the films for the bajilionth time last week. SINGLE. 68 likes. But the gifs are really funny. It’s not enough for you to watch/read…you need to create to show your love. You love the actors. x). You must be a mind-reader , I am just all knowing and all powerful. No one knooooows the extent of your obsession. I love this topic – I think you really encapsulated all the possible types of fangirls there are out there. (You’re also laughing at their pain because you’re a veteran and these greenies are having their hearts ripped on for the first time. BUT OH WELL. AHHH QUIZ FAIL. Pfft, of COURSE I am a genius. It was quick, painless and smooth. I think I’m 1, 4 and wannabe 5, but everyone I gush to about the fandoms, books and movies will just nod and smile or tell me that I am crazy. PART TIME ONLYYYY OMG Damn I’ve always overvalued myself BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Great post and quiz, they were both remarkably accurate! I’m A PART TIME GAL. IT'S A QUANDARY. When I’m with Bella, I become a banshee, and it’s very obnoxious, because in person, I can usually be a calm(ish) fangirl. Shea Stadium filled with fans prior to the start of a New York Mets game in 2008. I LOVED THIS POST!!! x). Everyone might as well bow down to you know, too, because without you, what would the untalented fans pin on Pinterest? I took the quiz and got the The Part-Time Nerd with I also think is pretty accurate. This was possibly one iof the most relatable things i have ever read IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!! OMG I LOVE SUPERNATURAL SO MUCH I COULD SHRIEK. I would be numbers 3 and 5, also 7 unless the show is amazing. Ahh, that is SUCh a good point and so true to be different sort of fangirls for different fandoms. Otherwise known as “The Fan Hipsters,” these fans believe they were the first ones to discover the person, film, band or show, and will constantly remind those around them how much better the person or thing they love was “before they were famous.” This can get a bit annoying for those who spend time with the Original fangirls, these girls simply feel like they’ve earned the right to brag, and perhaps they have. This was such a fun little quiz! The only thing I have an obsession with is The Walking Dead. YOU LOVE EVERYTHING. XD Mime and me have epic and notorious disagreements about The Maze Runner. I got creative crumpet!! XDXD It was a lot of fun to make…hehe. I think the main reason I have to be a part-time is because I’m an ASOIAF fan and I just can’t bare it sometimes. But I definitely go head over heels when I am in it Right now I am back to watching Kiddie shows and digging the life of Once Upon a Time, Disney movies and Wizards of Waverly Place. Lol – I am The Subtle Stalker… sounds about right! When a new author took over my favorite series, I noticed Every. . And gah, I'm obsessed with a capitol O most of the time. My biggest fandom is Doctor Who. I got the Encyclopedia, which I can totally identify with. They save mine. SO CUTE. BUT THE CRAZY PEOPLE ARE SUCH FUN. , HA HA HA I AM A BANSHEE!!!! The quiz gave me the Encyclopedia, which I totally get, even though I would like to be even MORE of an encyclopedia when it comes to the Tales of Goldstone Wood. IT MAKES SENSE. haha. The quiz told me I was a Repeat Offender — I guess I’m a bit of that too heh xD, So you're basically ALL OF THEM. HMM?? This is me practically all of the time. First, the Casual fan. But like Lisa said, another option or two would have been good. I, um… watched like 8 episodes of Supernatural and liked it, but wasn’t intrigued enough to keep watching. And the. . The following are 7 types of fangirls, if you’re a fangirl like me then know that you’re awesome and without you the world just wouldn’t be complete. Which doesn’t surprise me considering how many times I’ve read Harry Potter, that’s for sure (also, I noticed that sneaky Supernatural reference in the quiz, niiiiice). This was a fabulous, hilarious quiz, The other day in English class I came across the quote ” if I get a fourth life, I want to spend it with you’ and I squealed and I got MORE THAN FEW strange glances. Browse more videos. Seriously, I have more fandoms than I can keep a track of and I join new ones all. They also don't but pricey concert tickets just to… They appreciate the music but don’t belong to any fandom. This post makes me so very happy <3. LEMME JUST SHRIEK. Ahem. I'm absolutely eccentric about some of my fandoms. *glares at time*. And I know lots of weird little snippets of information about those TV shows and movies and the actors. Nope. I love my fandoms and I constantly push them on my friends, but I never read fan fiction or anything. ahahah. Because I have a secret* list addiction and and an Erudite complex**, I’ve got a new 10 Types List! I love your quizzes but this one wasnt very accurate for me. Fangirls (or fanboys) have many different levels of dedication. Identify most with: Repeat offender, recruiter, fandom collector, subtle stalker and offended defender….I am all of these on a noticable level. Related to your description then did the quiz and got Part-Time Fan. XD, I’m a 2, 4, 5, 8, 10 mix LOL I love your lists though, they’re so spot-on! Loved this post! I HAD A BLAST FINDING THEM. Drews, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), « Dorothy Must Die & The Wicked Will Rise // Oz just got sufficiently creepy, 10 Authors I’ve Discovered in 2015 Whose Wickedly Marvellous Talent I Quite Admire ». I'm a bit of a closet-nerd when it comes to wearing my Superhero shirts…I only ever wear them when I know I'm alone. Well played, Mr Bond. How did the quiz go? Often heard saying: “LOOK AT YOUR CUTE FACE YOU LIFE RUINER I HATE YOU SO MUCH YOU PERFECT SPECIMEN.”. I am someone who has a lot of fandoms… and like so many favourites! Perhaps this QUIZ will help  […], I’m a 25-year-old author, blogger, and reader extraordinaire. x) *flails*. the. I barely remember my own name. Although, to be honest, her number one fandom is always going to be Supernatural. Plus when your favourite show goes on hiatus for 9 years or your favourite author goes AWOL when they’re supposed to be writing a new book, you have something to fill in the gaps. ‘Shipping’ is, essentially, coming up with two characters or people who you believe should be in a relationship. You know those fanfics? THIS WAS BRILLIANT. Which is basically me. XD I don’t remember ALL the details, but I do remember an embarrassing amount about my fandoms. I’m some sort of Banshee-Repeat-Offender-Recruiter. , id say I’m a recruiter, with a hint of subtle stalker, with the occasional banshee moment , The occasional banshee moment is completely understandable.

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