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Our Accounting Services



  • Updating sales & collection transactions
  • Reconciling cash and credit card deposits
  • Entering expense bills and apply payments
  • Entering petty cash transactions
  • Entering business credit card transactions


Cloud Bookkeeping

  • Data entry
  • Document management
  • Audits and validation
  • Statement reconciliation
  • Data analytics and reporting

Accounts receivable processing for CPA's in Westchester County

Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Payable Management (Vendor Bills and Payments, Ageing Report , Analysis & Summaries)
  • Aged Creditors Reconciliation and review
  • Contract payment accounting
  • Debit balance review
  • GRIR reconciliation
  • Purchase Cards accounting
  • Spend analysis
  • Travel and Expense reports accounting
  • Vendor Management


Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Receivable Management (Customer Invoices and Collections)
  • Cash applications and Treasury
  • Credit Management


Tax Preparation

  • Sales tax processing
  • Payroll tax processing
  • Advance tax payments processing
  • Preparing annual state and federal taxes
  • Tax Accounting

Payroll processing for Accountants and CPA firms to support the back office


  • Entering payroll information
  • Generating paychecks, direct deposit and pay stubs
  • Payroll processing – Weekly/Bimonthly/Monthly
  • Payroll tax filing, processing and reporting
  • Generate W2 and 1099


Cash Management

  • Reconciling the cash paid with AP invoices
  • Reconciling the cash received with AR invoices
  • Cash forecasting
  • Working Capital Management
  • Analyzing the receipt date with that of payment date


Data Processing/Document Management

  • Cataloging and Categorization of Documents
  • Data Entry
  • Document Workflow
  • Facility Monitoring (Security) Services
  • HR Processing
  • MIS Reporting
  • Scanning, Storage and Retrieval of Documents
  • Targeted Emailing / Courtesy Letters


Inventory Management

  • Cost Accounting and Inventory
  • Inventory Management


General Ledger

  • Bank Reconciliations (Checking and Credit Cards)
  • Financial Statements & Reports
  • Fixed Asset / Prepayments / Accruals
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
  • Journal and Payroll Summary Sheet
  • Loans, line of credit, payments, interests based on amortization statements
  • Monitor and report unrecognized or suspicious bank transactions
  • Month-End & Year-End adjustments
  • Monthly P&L and Balance Sheet
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Year End Review
  • Preparation of adjusting and closing entries
  • Preparation of Amortization Schedules
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Time sheets
  • Updating and reconciling bank transactions
  • W2/1099

Management Information Systems/Analytics


Audit Services

  • Audit of accuracy against purchase orders and terms
  • Bill Payment Validation
  • Cash/ Credit Card deposit Validation
  • Commissions/ Receivables Audit
  • Operations Audit
  • Retail Industry shrinkage/ Loss prevention Audit
  • Sales Audit
  • Stores Compliance Audit
  • Vendor review and management


Business Intelligence

  • Accounting System, Software Selection and Implementation,
  • Pocess Documentation
  • Document Management
  • Federal and State Compliance
  • Internal Control System Design and Documentation
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Lease Agreement Analysis
  • Loan Origination
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Returns
  • Non-Profit Compliance


Decision Support Services

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Management Accounting
  • MIS Reporting


Financial Planning & Analytics

  • Budgets and Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Management, Statements
  • Financial Analysis and Modeling
  • Head count analysis
  • Management Accounting
  • MIS Reporting
  • Trend and comparative analysis reports
  • Variance analysis between Budget and Actuals

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