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How to hire an accounting assistant

Next Steps…

Now that you’ve reviewed your company’s requirements and established a plan and level of service to suit your needs, here’s what you can expect moving forward.

Processing of Bookkeeping for Accountants

Your local representative reaches out to you.

  • Your GraphX representative reviews your tasks and assigns a team manager to work and respond during your hours of operation. For emergencies outside of regular business hours, we provide other contact information to see to your needs 24/7.
  • An estimated time of delivery is provided for your approval.
  • An online account is established for uploads, file sharing, reports, and billing.
  • Procedures for accessing any needed financial software (remote bank logins, point-of-sale systems, cloud or private servers) are established and provided to your account manager.

Processing of Bookkeeping for Accountants

Work is communicated to the team.

Once communication has been established, files and secure accounts are accessed and reviewed to process your order. Files not made available via shared software are uploaded to your account, or pick-up is arranged for physical documents on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule.


Processing of Bookkeeping for Accountants

Work begins.

Any tasks that you’ve asked us to perform are processed and checked by your account manager. If questions arise, your manager will contact you via your preferred communication method to resolve them quickly.

During your contract period, your local representative will contact you periodically to make sure you’re satisfied with the work we’re providing and that everything is going smoothly. Our standard schedule for check-ins is bi-monthly, but more or less frequent visits can be arranged to suit your project and comfort level.

Processing of Bookkeeping for Accountants

Work is completed and delivered as requested.

Work performed is checked by a senior accountant and your account manager to ensure that all tasks have been completed and that the work is up to your—and our—high standards for quality. Confirmation of finished work is delivered by way of comprehensive reports and uploads to your online account.

A final report summarizes all of the work performed.

If applicable, we suggest more efficient techniques and processes you can use to save time and money, based on our knowledge of your business and of accounting industry best practices.


GraphX offers several methods of communication to accommodate your preferences.

  • LogMeIn®
  • TeamViewer®
  • Citrix®
  • QuickBooks® Online

  • Messenger®
  • WhatsApp™
  • Email
  • Direct U.S. access number

Your primary accountant will be available during your business hours, and a manager in our overseas office will be available 24/7 to handle your account whenever you need it, day or night.