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What is data processing? What is document management?

Data processing is taking information in a fixed format – an invoice, a receipt, a contract – and turning it into data that can be managed and analyzed by a computer. Document management involves imaging documents and storing them electronically. These functions can be vital to a company’s day-to-day operations, whether they’re dealing with massive amounts of raw data or just a little.

  • Storing hard copies of old documents is a financially and logistically inefficient use of office space.
  • Excessive paper usage – rather than storing and transmitting documents digitally – results in a significant carbon footprint and use of natural resources.
  • A filing cabinet, or even a wall safe, lacks the security needed to protect some of your most sensitive business documents.
  • If your office were to be damaged by a natural disaster, all of the paperwork – and stored data, too – kept there would be damaged, too.

Our fully secure but readily accessible facility and network make sure that you can access them on demand – and that unauthorized parties can’t. Let Back Office Center take all of that off of your mind by taking your documents off of your hands.

Why should I trust my data processing and document management to GraphX?

You have a business to run. You don’t have the time to collect, sort, index, and store important documents. You definitely don’t have the time to dig through stacks of paper and tightly packed filing cabinets to find a specific document on demand. And when you’re running a business, time is money. We have the time, and the human and technological resources, and the people to do that correctly and efficiently. Save time by letting GraphX take the document management problem off of your hands – and by letting us find that on-demand document for you and get it to you in an instant.

We can do it quickly and accurately. Our data processing capabilities include the newest technology in data management and an expert team to enter, confirm, and validate data. We also offer data storage in a centralized facility that adheres to best practices for physical and digital security, and our procedures deliver results efficiently and accurately.

We have more space than you do. And that space is measured in terabytes. Our digital document management solutions don’t just take documents off of your hands – it takes them out of your office, out of your filing cabinets and off of the corner of your desk where they’re likely to get lost, damaged, or viewed by parties not authorized to view them. By imaging and storing your business-critical documents, we can make them available to you – and only you – wherever you are, whenever you need them, at the click of a mouse.

We’re flexible. We say “documents,” but that involves a lot of different kinds of business materials and correspondence. We can capture information from paper documents, faxes, bar codes, books and magazines, receipts, and more – not to mention PDFs, Word documents, online forms, e-signatures, emails, web pages, and other types of digital data. Not only are your paper documents stored securely in digital form, but your documents that were already digital can be stored right alongside them so that everything you need is in one centralized location.

Data Processing

Data processing services with GraphX provide more benefits than just easily accessible and secure data. We also save you counter space and paper cuts.

  • Data imaging
  • OCR
  • Quality check
  • Data entry
  • Data mining
  • Document return

Data imaging. We spare you the chore and the paper cuts of opening, sorting, and imaging your documents. That leads to less lost or damaged paperwork, improved security, more easily accessible data, and time saved for you.

OCR. Automated data processing via optical character recognition (OCR) extracts data from documents by recognizing and reading the text. That digitizes the data without the need for retyping, and it allows us to provide index and search functions so you can find your data in a much shorter timeframe.

Quality check. After imaging and OCR, documents are checked by our team to ensure that all of the data has been extracted accurately and completely to avoid errors as it goes through the following state-of-the-art digital steps. We also provide proofreading, account reconciliation, and other services, depending on the needs of your company, to make sure that all of the data that comes out of your documents is correct, accurate, and useful.

Data entry. Data associated with financial transactions is entered manually into our system for bookkeeping purposes, to maintain an accurate picture of your financial position at any moment. We also enter hard-to-OCR items like handwritten documents so that everything gets translated into digital format.

Data mining and OLAP. Data mining and OLAP (online analytical processing) are two ways of examining your data based on different attributes. Data mining uses computer analysis to detect patterns in data and provide details about the relationships between individual data points. OLAP takes a broader look at data based on a great number of given attributes to provide a multidimensional summary. Both give an extra angle to your data to provide more information than the original data source supplied.

Document return. At the end of the process, your paper documents are handled in the way of your choosing: mailed back to you in their original form, or destroyed using a shredding process specifically engineered to maintain the security of sensitive documents. We can also send you a disk of your imaged documents for easy access when you don’t have Internet access.

Document Management

Business documents that are important enough to keep are important enough to keep smartly and securely, where they’re searchable and easily accessible on demand. Our document management system is designed to be all of those things and more.

  • Document storage
  • Indexing
  • Online backup
  • Disaster recovery

Document storage. Once imaged and processed, your data – and your documents themselves, in their digitized format – is stored on our safe, secure server, in our safe, secure location, monitored 24 hours a day. And it’s accessible only by you and anyone you’ve pre-authorized to look at your data.

Indexing. The data extraction process that allows us to analyze and keep track of data for accounting purposes also allows us to index your documents in a way that wouldn’t be possible without that step. Our indexing system allows you to search and browse your online documents quickly and easily, without having to open one document after another or dig through file names.

Online backup. Your data and your documents belong to you. You’re free to access them on demand, and you’re free to back them up on your own computer whenever you want.

Disaster recovery. If you store your business-critical documents in hard-copy form at your office, it’s vulnerable to whatever fate or Mother Nature wants to throw your way. Even if you store them in digital form on a hard drive, they’re still vulnerable to damage. Our facility isn’t just secure – it’s safe and weather-resistant. If disaster strikes, you’ll still have access to those documents through our server.

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